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Yes indeed! Roses symbolize young love, eternal happiness, and new beginnings. In Ancient Rome they were so revered, roses and rose water were actually used as a legal form of payment!

With the power of our beautiful $Roses we will be able to convey value within the realm for diverse utilities. We will incorporate them as the “Road that is mapped” is accomplished overtime. As the Realm grows our citizens will expand using their lovely $Roses not only within our universe, but also in other metaverses, such as for purchasing Neocardz on the secondary market or paying for goods and services within future business partnerships as well as many more features in the works!

Look Deep Into Nature

$Rose is an ERC-20 Utility Token running on the Ethereum blockchain. Merging its functions with our ERC-721 NFT smart contract, we are able to implement revolutionary features that interact with in the ecosystem.

After the successful mint launch, we will use part of the raised funds to create a liquidity pool on “Sushiswap” for $Rose token to be available, and give the option for holders to earn passively tokens by adding their $Roses to the liquidity pool.

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Reap your harvest

Queens, Kings & the Legendary Jokers, are the only Neocardz able to harvest $Roses. After being minted they will be able to claim once 100 $Roses each.

Subsequently they will collect 5 $Roses a day for a period of 5 years, then $Rose minting will halt and only the remaining tokens will circulate on the market. There will be a total of 50 million $Rose tokens, 10 million created each year over a period of 5 years.

Its supply will Slowly end up decreasing overtime by burning them for title and biography changes or summoning secret cards at The Altar, as well as other numerous planned utilities.

...There are many unknown secrets yet to discover on how $Roses interact with these pristine Neocardz!
$Rose token It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.
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