The Realm's Tale

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Ages ago, in a lost forgotten forest, somewhere around the world, there was a secret door that led to a portal to another universe… Civilizations that have come across this sealed portal have hopelessly been able to decrypt it.

Until Today

Finally, humanity has discovered the key to this portal… A Diamond shaped relic, made out of a dark, rare, ethereal mineral… The legend goes, those who unlock this door and step into the portal, go into a parallel fantasy universe where even the unthinkable can become a reality.

In this universe, blessed with the name “NeoEden´s Realm”, anyone that steps in is considered a royal member of the Realm, and becomes displayed as a unique traditional playing card dubbed “Neo-Cardz”, A Nobel representation & proof of the Realms citizenship, themed as in the classic standard 52-card deck .

Its members are all part of a community that strives to share its knowledge, love, art and of course beautiful $Roses. A place where every single day your “happy non-birthday” is honored , reminding those living in the realm, life itself should be a daily celebration!

Many grand historical events will take place on the “Road that is mapped”, predict both the Oracle and council of the Realm. But only with the help of the neo-comers, the Road may be paved for a new sophisticated & artistic society!

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We greet you neocomers...

Just follow the white rabbit!

The Realms "Rosenomics"

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Blossoming from the gardens of Neo Eden, these magical roses are the Realms most sacred treasure, since they are extremely rare and posses supernatural properties, they are used as a symbolic means of exchanging value within the Realms society. All though 5 years remain for the “Neocardz” to collect their daily Roses, until the ice age era returns to the Realm, freezing forever the land, taking away with it, the glorious yards of Neo Eden, alongside the production of its sacred $Roses.

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