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Welcome neo-comers!

NeoEden´s Realm originated from a fantasy world, brought to life with a modern crypto twist . Envisioned by "Crypto OG" philosophers, who founded the Realm, Neo Eden was created involving community based NFTs merged with creative blockchain solutions. We aspire to become a standard for communities worldwide.

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We are building a community that strives to support its members by sharing knowledge, hobbies, project ideas and of course lovely $Roses. Creating a utopic micro-society in the metaverse with a life of its own by having it governed by “DAO” features in the ecosystem, giving the opportunity for members to vote on prime decisions, affecting how the future of the project is paved.

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NeoEden´s Realms Citizenship

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Royal uniqueness

NeoEdens Realm, consist of a collection of 5000 unique digital art pieces, representing the realms noble members, dubbed “Neo-Cardz”. Each one generated from millions of different possible combinations, themed as a classic playing card deck, representing diverse kings and Queens that habit the Realm, each one with their own personality & rarity. A new line of voxel NFTs are planned, expanding our world to other metaverses like the “sandbox” or “Galaxy Fight Club” integrating community shared environment for you and your assets. Distinguish yourself with an elegant and classy avatar for your metaverse presence.

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A Bright future ahead

Between the thousands of Neocards in the deck, there will be 5 Legendary Jokers, of which one will be hidden in between the collection for the community to find. The other 4 will be auctioned off, of which 50% will be used to fund the treasury of the Realm to build and expand itself , funding diverse projects , from developing “play to earn” $Rose token indiegames, to kickstarting future non profit organizations, to erecting private NFT powered events & clubs around the world, as well as many other undisclosed plans are in the works, anything is possible in Neo-Eden´s Realm. Our goal is to become a community standard in building bridges between NFT technology and our physical reality.

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Go Along With Nature

After the successful mint launch, Owners of each Neocard will be able to claim 5 lovely $Roses a day for a period of 5 years , bringing with it new era of “Rosenomics” to the Realm, serving for diverse utilities in the ecosystem. Owners will claim 100 $Roses once for each Neocard they minted. You will be able to claim your $Roses at “The Altar”.

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Sovereignty for the realm

The future of Neo-Eden will be greatly driven by its “DAO” proposals , we will implement voting features where the more holdings of diverse assets of the ecosystem (Neocardz,$Roses,etc..) and the more involved with the project, the more voting power one has. We want our community to govern on prime decisions with the direction of the project by voting transparently on its proposals. We all lead together dear Kings & Queens.

Prepare to leave the world you thought you knew!

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Built in Rosenomics

Kings & Queens

0 / 5000

Cropping flowers has never been praised before as much as today! Accumulate your five daily $Roses until you are ready to harvest them, then just head over to Sacred Altar and claim them .

Legendary Jokers

0 / 5

Who can´t resist the seducing perfume of roses? You may burn at the Altar 50$Roses too change the title of your Neocardz , as well as their biography description for 100 $Roses.

Secret Cardz

0 / 10000

Practice one of the oldest and most secret rituals in the Realm… Having both a King & Queen, plus burning 500 $Roses at the Altar , you will be able to summon a secret card , revealing a future new royal member!

Every Neocard will be minted for the price of 0.0777 Ethereum, max 4 per wallet. Neocard holders have full Ownership of their asset and can use it freely as they wish under a non-exclusive license. Each team member will rewarded with 4 random Neocardz and 5% of future burnt $ROSES. The only preminted $ROSE tokens will be for the community giveaway and for liquidity in sushiswap.

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Founder & Community Manager


Co-Founder & Lead Developer


Lead Artist


Web Developer

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  • Lottery for the Legendary Joker & whitelist spots

    A Marbles on stream contest will be setup for members to have a chance in winning 5 Neocardz & 100 whitelist spots... and a Legendary Joker for the first prize!

  • NeoCard mint Launch Q1 2022
    Whitelist contest winners have 24hours to mint their neocard for 0.0777 Ethereum. 48 hours later public minting will be enabled for a maximum of 4 random neocardz per wallet
    Legendary jokers Auction
    Auctions will be held on opensea for the remaining 4 legendary jokers, 50% of the sales will go to the treasury of the realm. Many secrets are yet to be uncovered about these Legendary neocardz!
    Exclusive channel for verified Neocardz Holders
    Owners will have access to exclusive discord channels for "Alpha" news, market analysis, early NFT gems, project ideas and much more content
    $ROSE token launch & Altar Features activation.
    Neocardz will start yielding $ROSES. $Rose token claiming & metamask features enabled. Neocardz metadata changes & "Secret Cardz Summoning" enabled.
    $ROSE token Liquidity pool launch on Sushiswap
    Part of the raised ethereum will be used to create a liquidity pool for $Rose token to be available and freely tradeable . Holders can add their $Roses to the pool to earn tokens passively.
    Community Donations.
    10 ETH donation to any charity chosen by the community by DAO voting via snapshot with voting points from $Roses & Neocardz. -10 ETH donation to the community by "sweeping the floor" on opensea, buying back NFTs for future community giveaways.
    New feature implementations :
    Lend your neocardz to earn some extra $Roses or borrow Neocardz to summon "Secret Cardz". -Use $Roses to pay for UNIQLY.IO store merchandise and purchase "Neocardz" on opensea.
    10000 "Secret Cardz" Art reveal
    Metadata will be updated for the summoned cardz, finally revealing its secrets to the world!
    Voxel Neocardz
    Voxel format NFTs versions of your Neocardz will be redeemable for $ROSE tokens to enter and interact in future metaverses.
    Metaverse implementation & Sandbox land purchase.
    The Sandbox" is one of the most popular metaverses, highly valued and innovating, purchasing land in it will grant our community a space to host virtual events and games that will be completely compatible with your voxel Neocardz!
    First Community voting on our major project proposals.
    Anything is possible in Neo Eden´s Realm... and we want us all to choose together on how its future is paved. We all lead together, dear Kings & Queens.